Introducing another “Plunder” Stave Snare Drum, a true treasure for drum enthusiasts, and a rarity with only one crafted each year.

This particular model, number 3 in the series, is an exclusive masterpiece inspired by a pirate’s treasure chest.

Crafted from the exotic Honduran mahogany, the drum’s shell boasts a unique distressed and aged appearance, evoking the essence of adventure and mystery. The all-brass hardware complements the design perfectly, lending an authentic and antique touch to this exceptional drum.

Equipped with 2.3 triple flange hoops, tube lugs, a heavy-duty side action throw-off mechanism, and  42-strand snare wire, the “Plunder” Stave Snare Drum is designed for both durability and sonic brilliance.

Each year, I set aside time to create only one “Plunder” model, and this is your opportunity to own a limited piece of drumming history. Command attention with the allure of this treasure chest-inspired snare drum and let your beats set sail into uncharted musical territories.