Introducing our 5¼”x 14″ Maple Stave Snare Drum, a stunning percussion masterpiece that fuses craftsmanship and artistic flair celebrating Day of the Dead. This handcrafted snare drum boasts intricate laser engravings of captivating sugar skulls, encircling the drum’s surface with intricate detail & a splash of color. A visual and auditory delight, this snare drum is a work of art and a musical instrument in one.

Crafted with precision, this snare drum features durable and reliable hardware, including 2.3 triple flange hoops and round single-point lugs that enhance its resonance and projection. The 3-position Trick throw-off and butt plate ensure seamless and precise snare wire adjustment, allowing you to tailor your sound to perfection. The 20-strand snare wires provide a crisp and responsive snare sound, whether you’re exploring soft, melodic nuances or laying down powerful beats. The Evans 300 snare side and Evans EC Reverse Dot batter head deliver exceptional tone, response, and durability, ensuring your snare drum produces a clear and defined sound every time you play.

Whether you’re a professional drummer or a passionate enthusiast, this Maple Stave Snare Drum is a striking addition to your collection.

Unleash your creativity and make a statement with this extraordinary instrument, combining visual artistry and sonic excellence. Elevate your performance and captivate your audience with this unique and versatile snare drum.