Introducing our striking 6″x14″ Oak Stave Snare Drum, a true masterpiece that combines artistry and craftsmanship.

Wrapped in a canvas hand-painted by the talented Nancy Spurlock to resemble the iconic Roman Coliseum, this drum is a visual delight that demands attention on any stage.

With all-chrome hardware, including single-point lugs and 2.3 triple flange hoops, this drum not only looks stunning but also promises durability and reliability. The addition of a Trick 3-position throw-off and 20-strand snare wire ensures precise snare control and a crisp, responsive sound that enhances your performance.

Elevate your drumming experience with this unique and meticulously crafted Oak Stave Snare Drum – it’s a true work of art that brings history and music together in perfect harmony.

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